Content is King? Welcome to Tubeocracy!

CC_BY_SAImage by Yishay Mor, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Yishay Mor, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching, Levinsky College of Education,

In this paper, I will offer with some observations about the changing cultural and technological landscape, and argue for the changes these entail in Higher Education (HE).

The forces I wish to highlight:

  • The pervasive abundance of data
  • The pervasive abundance of information
  • The transience of procedural knowledge
  • The erosion of epistemic knowledge

From the observations about these forces, I argue for a shift to educational structures which are characterized by:

  • Hybridity, in the sense of challenging boundaries between contexts
  • Empowerment, in the sense of promoting the autonomy and agency of teachers and learners
  • Critical, in the sense of focusing on the development of value-driven advanced epistemic practices

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