On Heutagogy

By Lisa Marie Blaschke
Center for Lifelong Learning, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Germany

A significant challenge being faced by institutions of higher education is employer dissatisfaction with higher education graduates who lack the necessary skills and competencies for the workforce, and an increasing industry demand for autonomous and self-motivated employees who can manage the complexities of the workforce in creative and innovative ways (Jaschik, 2015; CBI/Pearson Education, 2015; Gallup Organization, 2010). Rapidly rising educational costs, combined with a whirlwind of advancements in technology, further feed into these external pressures leveraged on institutions. Added to these outside forces are internal ones, such as the digital divide that continues to broaden between an aging teaching force comfortable with traditional styles of instruction, such as chalk-and-talk lectures, and a younger, more tech-savvy generation of students eager for more technologically-supported ways of learning. How can institutions adapt their teaching and learning models to address this convergence of challenges? Continue reading “On Heutagogy”

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