A recap and video recordings of the #PushingHE symposium

The first session of the symposium Pushing the boundaries of Higher Education: challenging traditional models with innovative and creative practices, which took place in Barcelona on October 3rd, 2017, featured Lisa Marie Blaschke and Tony Bates who debated about the role of the universities and their ability of solving current societal needs by fostering teachers innovative practices & students self-regulated learning.

The second session discussed the constantly changing cultural and technological landscape in Higher Education. Allison Littlejohn, Yishay Mor and Philipp Schmidt  emphasized the switch from content delivery to epistemic practices through heutagogy, MOOCs and need to create new educational spaces that foster learning.

The following video features Lisa Marie Blaschke, Tony Bates, Allison Littlejohn, Yishay Mor and Philipp Schmidt during the Q&A session of the symposium.  

Greig Krull, Pilar Gómez del Rey, Marta Fondo, Isuru Balasooriya and Mitchell Peters participated in the UOC’s Doctoral Students’ Panel where they presented their doctoral projects.

During the third session of the symposium, Jim Groom and Brian Lamb discuss Next Generation Digital Learning Environments whilst voicing concerns about students identity and learning data and pointing out the importance of using data literacy as a teaching opportunity.

The fourth and last session of the symposium features Rikke Toft Nørgård and Terry Anderson who discussed future university models and questioned the legitimacy and hegemony of universities while providing examples of how new higher educational models could look like.

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